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2004 Ford F-150: Fuel Pump Driver Module Replacement

Matt shows us a great up-close example of a Fuel Pump Driver Module replacement on this 2004 Ford F150. Our customer was experiencing their vehicle not starting, it would crank but the engine wouldn’t turn over. The first thing we did was have the truck towed to our location here in Birdsboro and did a code scan on it. There was a stored code for the “fuel pump secondary circuit” when we tested for fuel pressure, we found we had ZERO fuel pressure up to the engine! Our next step was getting this truck up on the lift so we could take a look to see what we were working with. Once we had the truck on the lift, we looked at two things, the fuel pump and the fuel module. Both of these are underneath the vehicle and were relatively easy to find. Unfortunately, when we found the fuel pump driver module, it was in two pieces. From the factory, Ford mounts this module to the cross member underneath the truck above where the spare tire is. The placement and how it is attached allow debris and build-up to happen. Normal wear and tear, the elements, debris, and rust start to build up. Once rust is there and starts to expand it allows moisture in along with other debris and creates a problem. Luckily the replacement module comes along with a mount that helps prevent the same thing from happening. We will clean up that cross member before we install the new one, again to help prevent the same thing from happening. Once everything is cleaned up, installed, and fuel pressure is tested to make sure the truck starts and runs on its own we’ll get it back to the customer.