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Join Lee Myles in Putting the Brakes on Breast Cancer!

At Lee Myles, we are proud participants in the impactful event called Brakes for Breasts, where more than 100 independent auto repair shops across the United States unite to support breast cancer research. This October, we invite you to join us in this meaningful cause and help us make a difference.

Brakes for Breasts is dedicated to raising funds for the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund, specifically to support the pioneering research of Dr. Vincent Tuohy and his team. Dr. Tuohy has successfully tested a Breast Cancer Prevention Vaccine in his lab and aims to advance it to human trials.

By participating in this event, we contribute to the development of a vaccine that has the potential to eliminate breast cancer from our lives. The current vaccine focuses on triple-negative breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form with limited treatment options. However, the goal is to extend the research to other types of breastcancer, as well as ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and potentially other diseases.

During October, when you bring your vehicle for a brake service at Lee Myles, you’ll receive free brake pads while paying only for labor and other parts. In return, we will donate 10% of the brake service cost to The Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. Your support will go directly towards advancing the groundbreaking research efforts of Dr. Tuohy and his team.

By taking part in Breasts at Lee Myles, you not only ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle but also contribute to a world where future generations won’t have to face the tragedy of breast cancer. Together, let’s put the brakes on breast cancer and work towards a future free of this devastating disease.

Join us this October in supporting Brakes for Breasts and the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. Visit our shop for a brake service and receive free brake pads, knowing that your contribution will play a vital role in advancing breast cancer research. Let’s make a difference together and bring us closer to a world without breast cancer.