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We start every workday with our minds on you and your vehicle’s services. That means getting our garage ready for your arrival. When it comes to quality auto repairs and maintenance, prevention and preparation are key. Keeping our shop clean and organized allows us to perform top-notch auto services with efficiency and precision. We anticipate the needs of our auto repair customers and pivot at a moment’s notice and “make it happen” every day. No wonder this team earned “Franchisee of the Year” out of all the Lee Myles Auto Care & Transmission Centers nationwide!



Service Manager + BMW Master Technician

  • First Car: 1987 GMC Sierra Classic 1500. I bought it with my own money when I was 13 and fixed it up so I could drive it when I got my license.
  • Now I drive: 2013 Volkswagen TDi, the first car I ever had with a car payment… but wow, the gas mileage!
  • How I got into Auto Repair: It all started watching Chip Foose auto restoration shows on TV. I knew I wanted a trade and believed I’d have something to offer in auto repair.
  • My Specialty: BMWs +other European vehicles
  • Favorite Treat: Deer Jerky! Yes, even over donuts (but there seem to be a lot more donuts around this place…)
  • Fave Vacation: Just came back from our Dream Vacay to Alaska. When can we go back??
  • In My Community: Helping my church is big to me.
  • Bucket List: Skydiving
  • #FUNFACTS: I love hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, kayaking, and maintaining my house.
  • Matt in 3 words: Outgoing, Talkative, Outdoorsy



Assistant Service Advisor

  • First Car:  1998 Jeep Cherokee.  I later upgraded to a Jeep Liberty… which got totaled one month later!
  • Now I drive:  2017 Hyundai Tucson.  It fits my doggies! I like it’s height and roomy trunk, and it’s good on gas.
  • How I got interested in Auto Repair:  I raced micro-sprints at Lanco Speedway when I was a teenager.  (link to
  • Years in Mechanical Automotive:  2-3 years at Cloister in Sinking Spring + 8 years at Deka Batteries (link to
  • Favorite Snack or Treat:  Sweets! Especially Ferrero Rocher – they make the perfect pop!
  • Favorite Vacation:  Beach AND mountains
  • Going out to eat, I’m going to:  Hibachi
  • #FUNFACTS:  I’m a hunter and love to be outdoors.  Spooky season is my favorite.
  • Bucket List:  I crossed a lot of that off already, but… Norway or Iceland. Northern Lights. Louisiana gator hunting.
  • 3 words to describe Amanda:  Adventurous, Unpredictable, Quirky



Heavy-Duty Diesel + Automotive Repair Technician

  • First Car:  1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I blew the transmission out 3 times in 1 year and swamped it when I was off-roading.  Dad wasn’t happy.
  • Now I drive:  a bunch of Audi’s including a 2015 Audi Q7.  My daily driver is a 2006 Ford F350 King Ranch
  • How I got interested in Auto Repair:  My dad was a Service Manager for Diesel Service in Reading PA.  It started as a gig to pay for money during college.  I was going to school for Communications, until one day I realized I was actually really good at automotive.  I enjoyed it, and I could start working in my field full-time right away – without student loans!
  • Specialization:  Diesels and European vehicles (ahem, especially Audi)
  • Years in Automotive:  7
  • Favorite Snack or Treat: Beef Jerky
  • Favorite Vacation:  Cabin or the Outer Banks
  • Going out to eat, I’m going to: Chili’s (pre-COVID), now I grill outside
  • In my community:  Youth rifle shooting, Boy Scouts for a long time  (link to
  • #FUNFACTS:  I played trumpet in Marching Band.  I’m kind of a Jack of All Trades.  I have 6 cars registered at my house.
  • Bucket List:  Run a successful business.  Be President of the USA.  Make $1 Million.
  • 3 words to describe Hayden:  Dedicated, Trustworthy, Loyal



ASE-Certified Auto Repair Technician

  • First Car:  1969 Buick Skylark – Timing Chain broke and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it
  • Now I drive: 2009 Pontiac GT.  I like that it’s a Pontiac, V8 + pretty quick
  • How I got interested in Auto Repair:  My friends were tinker-ers.  We’d buy muscle cars cheap (couple $100) and flip them… after we beat them up a bit.
  • Specialization:  Suspensions, electrical (I like the challenge)
  • Years in Mechanical Automotive:  1982 – around 37 years
  • Favorite Snack or Treat:  Chocolate ice cream (Haagen Daas)
  • Favorite Vacation:  Mountains – I’d like to own a cabin
  • Going out to eat, I’m going to:  Texas Roadhouse or Veekoo in Royersford (sushi)
  • #FUNFACTS:  (1) I collect beer cans (over 7,000 now)… but I don’t drink beer.  I also collect vintage board games, Wizard of Oz, models (sci-fi, horror, cars), creatures from the Black Lagoon
  • Bucket List:  Skydiving, Alaska to see Northern Lights, Egypt to see pyramids, cruise Route 66
  • 3 words to describe Lee:  Homebody, Sarcastic, Motivated


General Service Technician

  • First Car:  1967 Ford Falcon.  I bought it before I had my license and it sat too long so Dad said it had to go.
  • Now I drive:  2003 Subaru Impreza WRX.  I like that it’s AWD and kinda sporty.
  • How I got interested in Auto Repair:  Helping my dad at home and studying at Vo-Tech
  • Years in Mechanical Automotive:  2 years professionally
  • Favorite Snack or Treat:  Burgers!
  • Favorite Vacation:  Camping… it’s cheap and easy
  • Going out to eat, I’m going to:  HOME! It usually tastes better if I make it.
  • #FUNFACTS:  I like to draw (tattoo drawing).  I enjoy fishing.  I serve in the Army National Guard.
  • Bucket List:  Skydiving, Visit Germany, Bungee jumping
  • 3 words to describe Boyd:  ADHD, Open-Book, Artistic


The Grease

  • First Car: 1989 Acura Integra
  • Now I drive: 1995 Toyota Tacoma – useful and paid for
  • How I got into Auto Repair: People will always have cars. I like the stability of the industry and appreciate hard work.
  • My Specialty: Making the shop flow!
  • Favorite Treat: Cheesecake, Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, smoked meats
  • Fave Vacation: Hideaway in the mountains
  • In My Community: Deacon at my church, I like to give back where I can.
  • Bucket List: Alaska, Germany, Fiji
  • #FUNFACTS:  I’m a bit of a Grillmaster – a different grill for every occasion. Maybe because I spent 10 years as a steak cook and manager in a restaurant. Also, I have a Soil Science degree from Penn State University.
  • Darren in 3 words: Time-Sensitive, Compassionate, Dependable


The Glue

  • First Car: A rusty 1984 Dodge Dakota, manual transmission
  • Now I drive: 2009 Infiniti G37x – I love that powerful little car. It’s a car you can wear. (True story: I used to drive a 2007 Infiniti G35x with 230,000+ miles. One morning Darren totaled it. Later that afternoon, a customer came in to Lee Myles asking if anyone would like to buy her 2009 Infiniti – It was identical to mine but 2 years newer with a bigger engine and less than half the miles! Whaaat?)
  • How I got into Auto Repair: Ask my husband, lol. Chasing a dream.
  • My Specialty: Bringing us back to the Vision. Making sense of the data. I love me some spreadsheets.
  • Favorite Treat: Ripe strawberries, Milky Way, The entire menu at Judy’s on Cherry
  • Fave Vacation: Cruising the Chesapeake Bay and eating blue crab
  • In My Community: Leader with Bible Study Fellowship International, Small group leader at church, Does Facebook count as community involvement? lol
  • Bucket List: Fiji, Israel, Para-sailing
  • #FUNFACTS: I’m an Army brat who moved 17 times in 14 years. I could totally make do with a Tiny House. I actually do believe that the best things in life are free.
  • Jodi in 3 words: Disarming, Thorough, Quirky

"I am very pleased with the quality of work. Work was done in a timely manner and they have outstanding customer service!"

- Steve S.

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