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Road Trip Ready?

Did Someone say ROAD TRIP!I absolutely love road trips. Nothing makes me happier than my music up, windows down and hair blowing in the wind. We always get so excited and sometimes we procrastinate about the most important item. You got it, our vehicles. Not only do we need to make sure we have everything we need. Let’s make sure our vehicle is just as ready to get going like we are.

Let’s start with your motor oil, call and schedule an appointment with us before your trip. This is the perfect opportunity to get you squared away. With every oil change we do a courtesy inspection, let us know your heading out on a trip so we can ease your mind. 

We’ll check your battery, fluids, hoses, belts, tires, brakes, and even your suspension. Which all happen to be on the road trip checklist. If you’re a daily driver, chances are you will know if your car is road trip worthy. If you don’t typically drive a lot, or have a designated road trip vehicle that’s been sitting for a little while. Let’s try and not wait until the last minute, we typically run the shop by appointments only. We try our best to schedule our appointments to make sure we can get as thorough as possible. It also gives us time to go over the inspection with you, and get everything taken care of if anything were to be needed. Not only can we make sure everything is in good standings. You’ll have peace of mind that your vehicle is just as ready as you are.