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Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

How refreshing to know that we finally have some warmer weather headed our way? Here are a few maintenance tips to get your vehicle ready for the sunny days ahead.

Let’s get started with your oil change, if you have a winter vehicle and let your other car sit the winter out it’s a good idea to have the oil changed. If you’re not sure of the last time it was changed, it might be a good idea to have it checked to see how the fluid looks. Keeping up to date on your oil change keeps your engine performance pristine. Plus it helps keep all of its components run smoothly by changing the filter getting all of that sludge and gunk out.

Next up tires. If you have winter tires on, now would be a good time to get regular all season tires back on. Winter tires are meant for traction, and are made for colder weather conditions. By waiting too long to switch them out you could also decrease the lifespan of the tires, they also tend to be a little more noisier than regular tires because of the more aggressive tread.

Now let’s check the wiper blades, winter always seems to take a toll on these guys faster than anything! All the frosted over morning windshields, cinders, and the salt that gets kicked up and makes our windshield hazy. It doesn’t take much to start breaking down the soft rubber of the blades. Not only is a streaky windshield super frustrating, it’s a low cost maintenance item that we can help you with while your vehicle is being serviced.

Another budget friendly item is your cabin air filter. These guys usually take the brunt of neglect, out of sight out of mind. Cabin air filters are the ones that filter out the air that comes through your vents. Changing these guys in the recommended intervals can even help your fuel efficiency, SAY WHAT! The more energy your engine has to put out the more fuel it uses, making you have to stop at gas stations more often.

Spring cleaning for your vehicle inside and out is a great way to get yourself ready for all the places you’ll head this summer. Not only will your vehicle thank you in the long run, so will your pockets!