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Why Can’t You Use My Parts

Here is some insight when it comes to customers taking vehicles to other shops to get work done. Which we often run into, which is ABSOLUTELY fine. We just want to make sure that you are 100% aware of what our services entail. We just amped up our warranty so now any of the qualifying services we perform here are covered with a 3-year 36,000-mile warranty! Our Valvoline services also offer some warranties through their company as well.

While we do have insurance to be able to provide the warranties that we do, that insurance comes with some stipulations. Allowing customers to provide their own parts takes away from us being able to warranty to said part/s. Not only is it a loss on your end, but if something were to be faulty. Again, it is a tough process to determine when and where something happened.

For example, if you take your vehicle to get new tires and buy your tires from one shop. Then go to another place to have them installed. Then after installment, you head to one more shop to have an alignment and balancing done. Now you realize your oil change is due and you decide to bring your vehicle into our automotive center. On the way, you noticed that something feels off with your tires. We get your car all checked in and you inform us of the noise you heard, we let our technician know what you heard and have them take a look. Turns out your tire tread depth is off on one of your new tires causing it to incorrectly contact the ground with the rest of them. AWESOME, we found the problem, right? WRONG! I mean, sure it’s a great thing we figured it out but there are more factors involved than just the tires.

This is also where the headache is going to start. Since you bought your tires, your vehicle has now been in THREE different shops. All of those places you had different services performed. It’s not going to be easy to figure out where the problem started. Was it at the tire place where you could have received the wrong size tire or a manufactured fault? The garage that installed the tires, were they not installed correctly? The shop that did the alignment, was the alignment done properly? Having multiple different shops and technicians who already worked on your vehicle, makes our task of finding where something went wrong very difficult. As you can see, why we value QUALITY and our attention to detail here at Lee Myles Autocare and Transmission.

One of our main goals here is to give you the ultimate customer experience. All of our technicians here are ASE certified; we even have some Master technicians! While that may not mean much to you, in this industry it’s a HUGE deal. Allowing us to fully stand behind our work and offer the warranty that we do.

We hope this little bit of insight helps!