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Why is my car burning oil?

Is your car burning oil and leaving you puzzled? No worries, we’ve got the answers you need. Let’s explore some potential reasons behind this oily mystery:

Worn Piston Rings: These little heroes usually keep oil out of the combustion chamber. But if they’re worn out, oil can slip past and go up in smoke as your car burns oil.

Valve Seals: Think of valve seals as gatekeepers. When they’re worn or damaged, they might allow oil to sneak into places it shouldn’t, leading to oil burning.

Leaking Gaskets: Gaskets play a vital role in sealing engine components. If they’re worn, oil can escape and get burned by the engine’s heat.

Overfilling: Too much oil can lead to unwanted combustion. Excess oil can be forced out and burned.

Oil Quality Matters: Using the wrong type of oil can contribute to oil burning. Opt for high-quality, recommended oil to prevent unnecessary burning.

Don’t let your burning oil situation linger. It’s essential to have it checked and fixed promptly. Ignoring oil burning could harm your engine’s performance and efficiency over time. Swing by our shop for a diagnosis and quick repair – we’re here to help you get back on the road worry-free!