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Why is my check battery light on?

Keep your car battery healthy during hot summer days with our easy tips. Check out our blog on the impact of high temperatures on car batteries.

Check your battery for damage or leaks before summer. Have a professional test it if you notice any problems to avoid issues.

Keep your car battery in good shape by cleaning the terminals with a brush and baking soda solution. It’s easy and prevents future problems.

Protect from Heat: Park your vehicle in shaded areas or use a car cover to shield it from direct sunlight. This helps prevent excessive heat exposure that can speed up battery deterioration.

Cut Short Trips: Short trips prevent the battery from recharging. Combine errands or take longer drives to give your battery a chance to recharge.

Save your battery by avoiding electrical usage when the engine is off. Double-check that all lights and electronics are off before leaving your vehicle.

Protect and check your car battery during hot weather to avoid serious consequences. Clean and protect it, check its condition, and track electrical usage. Stay cool and hassle-free on the road this summer