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Why is my steering wheel shaking?

Is your steering wheel shaking like it’s doing a little dance? Don’t worry, we’ve got the moves to figure out why.

Let’s dive into some possible reasons for that shimmy:

Unbalanced or Uneven Tires: If your tires are grooving unevenly or just feeling a bit off-balance, your steering wheel might start shimmying at certain speeds.

Wheel Misalignment: Sometimes, wheels decide to go their separate ways. If they’re not in line, your steering wheel might show its disapproval with a little shake.

Worn Suspension Components: Just like tired dance shoes can lead to awkward moves, worn suspension parts like ball joints or tie rod ends can have your steering wheel grooving to its own beat.

Brake Blues: When your brake rotors decide to waltz out of shape, your steering wheel might start swaying while you brake.

Engine or Transmission Tango: Engine and transmission issues can send vibrations through the dance floor (aka your car) and have your steering wheel cha-cha-ing.

Got a case of the steering wheel shakes? Don’t fret – let a skilled mechanic from our crew step in. They’ll give your car a thorough checkup, pinpoint the issue, and bust out the right moves to get it back in smooth sailing condition. Don’t miss a beat – swing by our shop today and let us bring harmony back to your drive!